Mustard powder, Ground mustard & Mustard oil

Mustard powder, Ground mustard & Mustard oil

We have Ukrainian producer which is the first and only company in the Ukraine to develop technical conditions for production of mustard oil, mustard powder, mustard oilcake and ground ground mustard.

Mustard powder produced by our producer is used for preparing food mustard, various seasonings, in production of mayonnaise, as well as in pharmaceutical and canning industries.

The products completely correspond to the National Standard of the Ukraine and are certified as such for the aforesaid purposes.

The use of mustard in pharmaceutical industry is allowed by the Ministry of Health Protection of the Ukraine (the producer has licence).

Mustard powder, mustard oilcake and ground mustard grains are packed in 4-layer paper bags of 20 kg (approximate net weight).

Mustard oil produced by our supplier is high - calorie nutritious product, oil possesses some antiseptic and bactericidal qualities. Shelf life of the mustard oil is much longer than the one of other vegetables oils.


Quality specification for mustard powder (pdf):

 Quality specification for mustard oil (pdf):