Our firm is a worldwide trading company a full range of agricultural products, including spices, oil seeds, grains, food ingredients, dehydrated vegetables, culinary herbs and other agricultural products to satisfy the needs of our customers world-wide.

Based on more than 20 years of experience in the trade, our company is a well-established and successful trade company in agricultural products, spices, oil seeds, food ingredients and food products. We sell to reputable trading companies, spices factories, mustard factories, packagers, distributors, etc.

From our beginning, it was our mission to provide the world food industry high quality food products at the best possible competitive prices according to our customers needs and requirements and we have been successful by establishing long term business and personal relationships with our suppliers and our customers.

Our firm is able to service most of its customer's needs in the food trade, in agricultural products, oil seeds, grains, spices, food ingredients, pulses, dehydrated vegetables and culinary herbs.
We are working in co-operation with major farmers and producers of food ingredients, oil seeds, spices and agricultural products in Czechia, Poland, Slovakia, Austria, Russia, Ukraine, Hungary, Bulgaria, Romania, etc.

If you are a supplier, distributor or consumer of agricultural products, spices, oil seeds, pulses, grains, food ingredients, dehydrated vegetables, culinary herbs, Our firm is well positioned to serve all your needs.

We want you as part of our family of customers. We invite you to try us.

Once you do, we think you will understand why we say our firm means good products and service.